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A Guide to Your Goals

Journalism, Media Studies, and Psychology are career options that are being explored and are growing at an unimaginable pace. We see students considering these courses as their future career prospects. With the advent of change in conventional thinking patterns of the new generation who wish to challenge the existing professions and want to opt for the above-mentioned courses, getting into a good university or college becomes significant. With increasing competition, making it to a good university becomes a tedious task. But with proper guidance and mentoring, Edukos is here to not only make you stand out amongst the crowd but also help you gain knowledge that becomes beneficial for you in the future.


Meet the team

Saumya Singh is currently pursuing Bachelors in Arts in Journalism Honors at Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore and is also a freelance journalist. She believes that Journalism and Media Studies are ever growing fields that are exciting students to pursue these courses after they complete their intermediate. With issues revolving around the globe and students wanting to voice out their opinions, these fields turn out to be exquisite career prospects. But before, becoming an established name, finding a good college that prepares the students to face the real-life challenges in these fields becomes a necessity. With cut throat competition among the aspirants of these courses, she is here to guide you to outshine the crowd and and make it through your dream Journalism and Media Studies colleges for undergraduate studies. 

Vansh Ahluwalia is currently pursuing Bachelors in Science in Psychology Honors at Christ (Deemed to be University), Bangalore and is a psychologist in making. He is here to assist students who want to chase their dreams and holds the thought that this journey starts from getting into their dream college. He strives to help the aspirants to learn the basics of psychology so that they not only crack entrance exams but also outshine in their interviews to pursue undergraduate studies in Psychology. 

Saumya Singh and Vansh Ahluwalia, Co-Founders